Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Southern Sudan

The emergence of a new country.

In the shadow of the events in Egypt, the Wiki Leaks trials, university fees and police protests, we have in our world a new country. Born out of civil war.

Nearly 99% of voters were in favor of the split.

After 6 years of civil war the people of Sudan have what they wanted. Over 3million people voted for the split.

They are due to declare formal separation on the 9th July.

On Monday night as the votes were revealed there was much celebration. Many young people have grown up during civil war, so this news is one of pure joy.

Now to the building of a new nation!


  1. Haev you seen the news about the South Sudanese government minister being shot today?
    Lets hope that this independence doesn't start all the conflict happening again!

  2. Yeah I have, I'm not really sure as to the intensions behind it though. I would have thought that it wouldn't start more conflicts as they have what they have been fighting for. What do you think?

  3. Well yeh the South have what they want but I imagine that the North will lose out spectacularly because all the resources are in the South. So there may well be those in the North who aren't particularly happy about it...I guess I'm just posing the pesimistic possibility!

  4. That is true. It'll be interesting if the South now thrives and the North doesn't. Though a 99% vote for the split is very high! Though that still leaves 44,000 (1%) unhappy...

  5. I thought it was only the Southern half of Sudan which voted? Is that right? In which case I would imagine there would be a much higher contingent unhappy with independence!

  6. Ah, I wasn't aware of that. That most certainly would change things.