Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Church and the oppressed

So I'm currently sat in the National Library of Wales doing some research for an essay on the causes of the Rwandan genocide and I've come across a fascinating piece. 

It is a piece by a missioner in Rwanda. 

One passage I think is incredibly vital:

"The Church in Rwanda failed to plead their cause perhaps because, in the Anglican Church at least, the leadership was exclusively Hutu. It raises the issue as to whether the Church should speak up for any group treated unjustly or only when the Church's interests are threatened? In our own context, if a Muslim minority is being discriminated against and treated unjustly, do we protest on their behalf or remain silent because we see Muslims as in competition with us for the religious allegiance of our people?"

"There has been a failure to see that abuse of human beings, created in the image of God, is a very serious issue that the Church cannot ignore if it is to be true to its Lord"

This is such an important thing to remember; as human rights abuses are seen on a global scale, the Church must act, even against those "in competition with us".

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